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peacock is a beautiful colorful bird belonging to the pheasant family also popularly known as be fowl 

 there are three prominent species of a peacock namely Indian peacock African Congo peacock and green peacock 

peacock is the male bird while peahen is the female and their babies are called peaches and their group is called party  anatomy of peacock weight and length peacock weighs around 4 to 6 kilograms and their length is about 6 to 7 feet long head peacocks have a crest on their head making them appear regal  eyes there are white launches above and below the eyes of our peacock 

the the average length of an adult peacock speak is an inch long 

Bonni a peacocks body is full of magnificent brown feathers in the front as well as back 

legs a peacock has four toes of which three point forward and one points directly backward tail also known as train the tail of a peacock makes 60 percent of the entire length of the bird 

 an average lifespan of pecan is 15 to 20 years  peacocks he plant parts flower petals sieve heads insects and other arthropods reptiles and amphibians 

peacocks can run fast as well as flying fast to a limited distance at a speed of 16 kilometers per hour 

a peahen choose its mates according to the size color and quality of their trains 

peahens lay around three to six eggs usually between January and March subscribe to our channel for more unknown facts videos peacocks create their nests on the ground and perch on the treetops 

 a day hold P chick is capable of walking drinking and eating by itself 

the beautiful feathers of a peacock are blue green and gold and they each give the appearance of an eye

 peacocks shed their feathers every year soon after the breeding season 

 every portion of a peacock strain changes color when it is struck by different angles of light

peacocks are also polygamous by nature and they are considered to be loyal and faithful to their partners

peacocks are the best fighter when it comes to fighting with snakes peacocks fly into trees to protect themselves from predators as well as to take rest at night  sometime a gene mutation causes peacocks to lose their pigmentation which turns them into white pea Falls  blue peacock is the national bird of India whereas gray peacock is the national symbol of Burma even though the number of peacocks is reducing particularly due to hunting and loss of habitat the indian peacock is not an endangered bird

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