These Are 10 Most Interesting Husky Facts


 Husky is truly a handsome dog 

endurance you may be wondering what kind of pet the Siberian Husky makes in this video we've listed ten of the most interesting facts about Siberian Huskies that you probably didn't know before we start what would you name this cutie let us know in the comments don't confuse them with the Malamute although both members of the Spitz family of dogs the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute are two entirely different breeds Malamutes are known for strength while the Husky is famous for stamina Huskies are also considered more outgoing intelligent free-spirited and healthier than their larger cousins Huskies are heroic one of the most interesting facts about husky dogs is that they made headlines around the world in the winter of 1925 when a sled team delivered life-saving medicine to Nome Alaska during a diphtheria outbreak the team was led by a siberian husky named Balto and these dogs traveled well over 600 miles in treacherous conditions in just five and a half days today there's a bronze statue honoring the legendary Balto in New York's Central Park Huskies are one of the oldest dogs in the world the Husky was raised by the Chukchi tribe in northern Siberia a people located close to the Eskimo people although these dogs fulfills certain work-related functions such as pulling sledges there are also very important members of the community they would sleep in the same bed as women and children for both warmth and protection against intruders and wild animals a recent study which analyzed the genetics of more than 161 domesticated dogs found in the Siberian with their thick coats almond-shaped eyes and muscular build the Siberian Husky is truly a handsome dog this medium-sized arctic breeds stands from 20 to 24 inches and weighs from 35 to 60 pounds graceful nimble and known as a sled dog with unmatched  Husky is the fourth oldest dog in the world

 Huskies were born to run

 alongside the Chukchi tribe the Husky worked as sled dogs they carry food and supplies from one place to another but contrary to popular belief they were not often used to transport people in these early days they were chosen to carry out these special tasks for various reasons such as their resistance to cold and their ability to survive well on long journeys the sled was pulled by a score of dogs each one with their own personal role in the team they're close to being wolves if you've ever looked at our article on the ten dog breeds it look like wolves you'll know that the Siberian Husky is high up on this list you can tell by looking at them that they close to resemble this wild counterpart you see it in their pointed ears penetrating eyes and pronounced snout we should point out however that dogs are unlikely to derived from wolves according to a 2014 study it's likely they both came from a common ancestor some are between 9,000 and 34,000 years ago despite the Siberian Huskies similar appearance they're smaller than their wild wolf cousins they can have two different colored eyes owing to a benign genetic condition known as heterochromia Siberian Huskies can also be found with two different colored eyes this is a hereditary trait which gives them an incredible look especially as one of these eyes is usually an incredible blue color this occurs in other animals and is also a trait found in humans they can adapt to any environment the Husky as you may know is a dog which can adapt without problem to cold and icy climates it's thick fur is a testimony to their endurance in the country of their namesake surprisingly the Siberian Husky is also able to adapt to more temperate climates unlike other Nordic dogs such as the 

Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes these latter dogs often suffer unbearably in the heat their vocalization ability is unique the Husky is an especially talkative dog with the ability to emit an incredible range of sounds their howling is particularly noticeable as it can be heard up to 15 kilometers away some Muskies even seem to sing whine or even talk although is very uncommon for them to bark this snow dog it's no secret that Huskies love snow virtually all individual Siberians have some interest in it undoubtedly due to the important part it played in their heritage perhaps it's for similar reasons that they're so attracted to water and falling leaves in autumn Huskies have colourful coats one of the breeds most striking features is their beautiful abundant coat that consists of a soft dense undercoat and a straight outer coat these dogs shed a lot especially during the spring and fall when they blow their coats from solid black to pure white Huskies come in a wide array of colors all of which are allowed by the AKC they often support markings on the head including unusual patterns not found in other breeds that concludes our video of the ten most interesting facts about siberian huskies do you know any other fact about these wonderful dogs if so let us know in the comments and if you like this video then subscribe and turn on no



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